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New Design·New Life·New Paradise

Basic Information

The 9th Expo

Theme: New Design, New Life, and New Paradise

Organization: Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province Organizers: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government Undertaker: Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Executor: Suzhou CCDE Expo Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Time: Time to be determined

Venue: Hall B1\C1\D1\E1, Suzhou International Expo Center

Exhibition Area: 40,000 m2

Exhibition Divisions: “Creativity · Design”, “Inheritance · Artisanship”, “Combination · Cultural Tourism”, and “Trend · Future”

Creativity·Design-Exhibition of International Creative Design Works

The Expo will bridge the domestic and overseas creative design, gather the most representative creative contents in urban space design, architecture design, industrial product design, culture & art and other fields, collectively display world-leading creative results, design concepts and operating modes, thus to provide new ideas and open new visions for the integrated development of creative design and related industries.

(1)“Innovation for a Better Space”—Global Architectural Design Exhibition;

(2)“Design for a Better Life”—Theme Exhibition of International Creative Design;

(3)“Focus on Art & Design”—International Modern Art and Creative Design Exhibition;

(4) “Spark Program”—Theme Exhibition of International University Creative Design Education;

Inheritance·Artisanship—Exhibition of International New Arts and Crafts Movement

The Expo will rely on Suzhou’s abundant traditional cultural resources and arts and crafts industrial foundation, take the “New Arts and Crafts Movement” as the bond, explore the cultural and economic value of traditional arts and crafts, display the “Suzhou mode”, which combines creative design and traditional arts and crafts, and promote the transformation of “resources to assets, and assets to capital”. It also will utilize the city’s characteristic industries, promote industrial transformation and development, and build Suzhou into an innovative development platform for gathering creative talent, capital and resources.

(1)“Design of Design”—Exhibition of 2020 “New Arts and Crafts Movement” ;

(2)“Nation and the World”—Joint Exhibition of Global Handicraft and Folk Art Capitals;

(3)“Inheritance of Art”—Exhibition of Overseas Innovative New Arts and Crafts;

(4)“Brand and Inheritance”—Exhibition of Famous Brands of New Arts and Crafts;

(5)“New Diverse Crafts”—Boutique Exhibition of Suzhou Fine Arts;

Combination·Cultural Tourism—Exhibition of New Culture-tourism Integration

By taking “power stimulated by innovation” as the basis, starting from the supply side of cultural tourism, and exhibiting the new industries, businesses, and business modes brought by culture-tourism integration, the Expo aims to deepen the integration of culture, tourism, and city, strengthen the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, and create innovative culture-tourism products. Therefore, it will gather new power and offer new measures to promote the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industries.

(1)“Jiangsu Memory, the Most Beautiful Canal”—Theme Exhibition of Jiangsu’s Grand Canal and Culture-tourism Integration;

(2)“New Benchmark for Cultural Tourism”—Exhibition of Incubation Results of Suzhou’s Cultural Tourism Industry;

(3)“Gifts from Suzhou”—Exhibition of Innovative Cultural Tourism Products of Suzhou;

(4)“Museum, a Lifestyle”—Theme Exhibition of Cultural Tourism and Creativity in Museums;

(5)“Unique Residence”—Design Exhibition of National Boutique Homestays and Unique Hotels;

(6)“Chasing the Cultural Tourism Dream”—Exhibition of New Business of Cultural Tourism Service;

Trend · Future—Exhibition of Creative Future Industry

Under the impact of information technology, a new cultural industry belt is taking shape. The mode of production, creation, popularization and consumption of culture has changed. The Expo aims to explore the development trend of the time, combine with the national strategy, and display Suzhou’s industrial layout and development achievements with digital creative industry as the core. Besides, it will show the new forms of industrial innovation development in the future through the multi-dimensional interpretation of the cultural industry development data, thus enabling Suzhou’s cultural creative industry to play a more important role in the national strategic level.

(1)“Future Cultural Tourism”—Exhibition of Smart Cultural Tourism and 5G Applications;

(2)“Future Competition and Animation”—Exhibition of Smart Sports Competition and Film and Television Animation;

(3)“Future Reading”—Future Library Exhibition;

(4)“Future Consumption”—High-quality Cultural Creative Consumer Brands Exhibition;


In addition to the main venue, CCDE will set up sub-venues in Suzhou and

its districts and counties. By selecting some characteristic

“cultural tourism carriers” and “cultural tourism projects”

related to culture-tourism integration development,it will

hold 2020 China (Suzhou) International Silk Products Expo and

organize sub-venue activities dominated by industrial parks,

educational institutions and design institutions,

so as to create an “urban culture-tourism

integration activity”.

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Add: 688 E. Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

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20-minute high-speed rail between Suzhou to Shanghai
There are six airports around the city as well as an airport shuttle bus departs every 40 minutes.

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